Ender Prusa Kit

What Makes This Kit Great?



Not only does this printer adopt an aluminium extrusion frame like the Prusa Bear, it also does it at the fraction of the price. An Original Prusa i3 MK3s + a Bear Frame costs arounds $900 (£741), An Ender 3 plus our kit costs only $360 (£300) - Ender 3 must be bought seperately.


Dual Z Axis

The X gantry is now supported from both sides which allows greater accuracy and repeatability.


Filament Runout Sensor

Unlike the original Ender 3, this kit adopts Prusa's filament runout sensor.


Silent Movement and sensorless homing

This kit adopts the famous TMC2130 which give you silent, smooth movement and sensorless homing.


Direct Drive Extruder

Less issues with flexible filaments and a higher accuracy extrusion


Bondtech Gears

Like the original Prusa i3 MK3s we use the awesome Bondtech Gears for ultimate grip and control of filament


And much more! If you are interested in finding out more about this kit, follow the link down below.

  • Whats Included?

    • All needed mechanical parts
    • MKS Gen L
    • TMC2130
    • Frame brace
    • Printed Parts - Subject to choice
    • E3D V6
    • Noctua Fans
    • LCD
Print Your Own Parts